How to Fix iPhone X Face ID not Working

3D facial recognition can replace traditional fingerprint recognition, but it needs multiple components on the iPhone need to work at the same time. If there is a problem with one of the components, 3D face identification may not be available. Some users have questions that "why is my iPhone x face id not working?”

iphone x face id not working

Part1: How to Set up Face ID

1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. If asked, enter your passcode. Tap Set Up Face ID.

2. you finish the first Face ID scan,tap Continue and then slowly turn the head to complete the second acquisition.Look at the device to check if your iPhone collector can collect your face.

3. After collecting the face ID, click the Finish button. You need to pay attention to the fact that your iPhone needs to slowly turn the head when collecting for the second time.

4. If you have not set a password after the face is set up, iPhone X will let you create a password to use as an alternative to verify your identity.

Part2: How to Fix iPhone x Face ID not Available

1. Turn on face recognition

iPhone Open the Settings app on your iPhone X→ Face ID and Password → enter your iPhone password. Turn off/on the face ID and restart your device.

2. Reset face ID

Some unknown errors that cause unable to activate face id on this iPhone can be solve by resetting, which is a very reliable way, and many other unlocking functions can use a similar approach.

face id settings

3. Updated to the latest iOS version

Apple improves iOS to improve performance and eliminate emerging errors like face id is not available on iOS error.

So, when you encounter an unresolved software failure, you can try to update the operating system. Open Settings app → General → Update →Download and install the latest iOS version as usual.

4. Reset iPhone

Almost all software-induced problems can be solved by this method. But most people don't want to use it because it will delete all settings, including Wi-Fi passwords and phone data, so make sure you have a backup of your data. Open Settings → General → Reset →click Reset All Settings → Enter iPhone Password → Confirm.

reset iphone

5. Check related hardware

The first is to eliminate hardware problems. Face unlocking screen involves infrared cameras, floodlights, distance sensors, ambient light sensors, front camera and spot projectors.You can check if the functions related to these components are working properly.

6. Rear camera

There is a certain connection between the deep-motion camera and the telephoto lens in the rear dual-lens lens. If there is a problem with the rear lens of your iPhone X, it is likely to affect the use of 3D facial recognition. So, you need to pay attention to whether the rear camera works normally. If not, please solve the reference article How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Camera not Working to solve the problem that the camera cannot be used.

7. How to Unlock iPhone X with Face ID

Sometimes when you look at the screen and unlock it, you will see that the iPhone x face id failed. But you don't have to wait for the screen to unlock, just pick up the phone as usual, look at the screen as usual, then swipe up. The phone will be unlocked when you finish sliding.

8. iPhone X face id is not available iOS 12

One of the possible reasons why Face ID stopped working on iPhone X may be related to date of change Go to Settings -> General ->Date & Time to set the date and time for automatic settings. Then restart the iPhone and the Face ID should respond normally.For those facing Face ID, there is no work in iOS 12.1 / 12. The final solution to this problem is to reinstall the iOS. Reinstalling iOS with iTunes all data will be deleted. So, you must backup your data in advance.

9. iPhone x face id not working after screen replacement

Normally, replacing the screen does not affect the Face ID. The guess is caused by improper operation during maintenance, resulting in damage to the flexible cable or other components. Although this is only a possibility, not every time iPhone x camera and face id not working is due to the flexible cable damaged. However, after the screen is replaced and other parts are not working, we usually need to check the disassembly and some cable connections.

Part3: How to fix or replace iPhone X with Face ID issues

There are two types of face id that cannot be entered. One is that the Face ID cannot be used. This means that the hardware is not recognized. The other is to open the input face interface, but it cannot get face information.

1. The face id screen can be opened, but the face information cannot be entered.

2. Next, disassemble the machine and find that there is a crack in the cable of the earpiece.

repair face id hardware

3. Remove the distance sensor chip and replace the cable.

4. Replace the cable, install the test, and the face entry will return to normal.

5. The face entry repair is completed and the repair is over.

The iPhone x face id cannot use is caused by the breakage of the earpiece cable.

The above is some solutions for the iPhone x face id stopped working. GEMWON provides all repair parts for the iPhone and is free to purchase online.

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