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Why are USB hubs mostly 4 and 7 ports

A USB Hub uses a star topology to extend multiple USB ports. The core of a USB Hub is a master control chip (also known as a bridge chip)

How to Reset iPhone without Password

The most terrible thing is the factory reset, which completely eliminates the information we store on the iphone. Maybe we have to pick up an iPhone that has not been used for a long time, but forget the password. How do I reset an iphone without password? Why reset a

How to Test iPhone Signal Strength

You often travel to many places with mobile phone. You may have experienced in some remote areas, when you use a mobile phone to call, you often find that the signal is poor, or there is no signal at all. How to check the actual signal strength on your phone?What

How to Use iOS Update Dark Mode

With the release of the IOS13, the iOS 13 update dark mode has attracted many people's attention. What applications can be supported in dark mode and how to turn on the dark mode? Dark mode supports a

iPhone x Cracked Screen Repair

When i received second hand iphone x there were loads of scratches on the front screen and a few cracks. as you all probably know too is that iphone x screen replacements are pretty expensive because its been discontinued by apple so I’m trying to look for a way to

How to Fix iPhone 6 Battery Drain Fast after Replacement

My battery started some months ago draining real quick so i decided to buy a new one and change it myself. But the battery is still draining at the same speed, even on standby. This problem may leave you clueless, this article will help you solve iPhone battery that dies

How to Fix iPhone Camera after Water Damage

my issue is that after a phone was water damaged the back camera stopped working. However a week or so later while going through apps that would use the camera it started working for a few days then stopped. Howto Fix an iPhone camera damaged by water? Liquid damage to

How to Fix Forgot My Apple ID Password iPhone

Every Apple user has an Apple ID to download the application in the Apple store, which is convenient for Apple users to manage their contacts, videos, photos, etc. in the iCloud. If the iPhone is lost, you can log in to the official website with the ID and password, locate

Why Can't I Adjust the Brightness Android?

The change in the brightness of your Samsung Android screen depends on the ambient lighting and is called adaptive brightness. In the power saving mode, the screen brightness may change frequently, and the brightness will be affected by the battery power of the phone. If you can't change the brightness

Where I Can Get a Replacement Screen for iPhone

If I buy screen parts from the Apple Store and install them, the price is $289. I want to save money if possible. If I repair iphone screen myself, where to buy replacement screen for iphone? 1. Get professional repairsMake an appointment at the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service